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Kráľovský Chlmec EN



Királyhelmec (Kráľovský Chlmec) – the heart of Bodrogköz (Medzibodrožie)!

The origin of the naming does not come from just emotions but from facts because from geographical point of view our town is situated in the middle of the heart of Bodrogköz (Medzibodrožie) inhibited by Hungarians and for centuries it is also a natural center of the surrounded area by the three rivers Tisza (Tisa), Bodrog and Latorca (Latorica).
The town lies at the foot of a former volcano. Its’ present day image is characterized by special duality: on the one hand the evocative rows of houses and the old buildings of the former seat of the district court with a rising middle class status such as the Baroque Roman Catholic church with Gothic elements, the ruins of the Renaissance Csonkavár, the Lórántffy mansion, the neo – Gothic Reformed church, the Classic synagogue and the Eclectic building complex at the meeting point of the Majláth and Rákóczi Streets. On the other hand the town bears the marks of the town planning conceptions of the last decades of the last century that urged on building unexciting blocks of flats.
Királyhelmec (Kráľovský Chlmec) is the most populated settlement of the area. The number of inhabitants is over eight thousand. There are many offices and institutions with a regional sphere of authority: it has a health center, many schools and also many kinds of services. The cultural life of the town is enriched by theatrical, musical and artistic like programs.
According to economic history our town is characterized by agriculture for centuries: wine culture, fruit and vegetable – growing that is why the small works and services developed the most. The bigger industrial works did not settled down in our neighbourhood yet.
In the future we hope that by cooperating with the other settlements of Bodrogköz (Medzibodrožie) and with the settlements and regions of the surrounding countries there will be a possibility for an effective development of economy, industry, traffic and other services.



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