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General information

Civil service works in Slovakia on three levels– Municipal, Regional and State– and by detached model of two parts Policy and Regional Self-government.

For the citizens the nearest is the local(Municipal) Self-government. City of Bratislava and Košice has dual self-government: magistrate (Town) and the quarters. Otherwise in Slovakia exists one-level Municipal Self-government.

Town’s basic documents (sg like constitution of the state) are the Statutes of the town. By this is regulated town’s status and sphere of authority, rights and duties of the citizens, general economic and financial principals, managing town’s property, furthermore functions and scope of authority of the Municipal Corporation, the major and other organs of town’s municipality, their internal structure, division of labour between them, form and method of their work, managing wider connections of the town, symbols of the town, make an award of Honorary Freeman of the town, prizes of the town and prizes of the major.



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