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Kráľovský Chlmec EN

Main Controller

The main controller is an employee of the city and answer to Municipal Corporation. Finishing of this period ends his right of labour- connection with the Civil Parish.
The main controller of Kráľovský Chlmec is Ing. Alexander Tóth.

The main controller performs control especially: of income and expenses of the city budget and management of the city property. Results of auditing reports direct to MC.

The main controller elaborates professional standpoints towards city budget propositions and towards final bill propositions before its pass by the Municipal Corporation . The main controller has initiative and takes a share in the sittings of Municipal Corporation and Town Council.

The main controller’s functional period finishes with resigning or deposing. The Municipal Corporation accepts branch of activities, structure of organization, working of controlling and prize-giving.

The main controller's tasks:
• execute control by the regulation by the § 18d,
• put a resolution about the control activity to local agency once a six month, it have to be publicized at latest 15 days before the agency‘negotiation according to local precedent,
• elaborate professional standpoints towards local budget propositions and towards local final bill propositions before its ratification by local agency,
• put a resolution about the results of controlling directly to local agency at the nearest sitting,
• put a resolution about the activity of controlling to local agency at least once a year and at the latest at 60 days after the civil year’s ending,
• cooperate with state organs in the matters of controlling the economy with financial instruments apportioned out from the state budget or structural foundations of the European Union.
• manage complains if it is ruled by a special order
• is bound to execute control if it is asked by the local agency.

The main controller takes part in the sittings of the local agency and local council with initiative; can take part in the sittings of the commissions actuated by the local agency.

The main controller is entitled to look into written proceedings like into other documents concerning of the controlling activities by the § 18d.

The main controller is bound to open up results of the controlling at the request of the representative of the local agency or the mayor immediately.



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