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Kráľovský Chlmec EN

Municipal Corporation

Currently at the MC function 11 representatives working in 7 commissions. Commissions are the first contacts at receiving and resolving of inchoation directly from citizens or other subjects of the town what have recourse to representatives of the town with their requests, problems, motions, and similar. These are forwarded to MC
after the conference.

Organs of the town Kráľovský Chlmec are the Municipal Corporation and the mayor of Kráľovský Chlmec.
The Municipal Corporation of Kráľovský Chlmec is a membership consists of delegates elected in direct elections by the citizens.
The Municipal Corporation determines number of delegates for all election period (4 years) before elections by the number of citizens in accordance with the municipal law. Municipal Corporation of Kráľovský Chlmec consists of 11delegates.

The Municipal Corporation decides in general tasks of the town’s life, its set tasks are especially:
• determinate economic principals and managing town’s & state’s property, what is used, approve of the most important operations concerning this property and control it’s economy,
• approbate town’s budget and it’s changes, control it’s utilization and approve of eventual account of the town,
approbate emission of communal obligation, approve of signing the contract by the § 20 par. 1, to decide about taking out credit or loan, about taking over the liabilities and the act of honour,
• to approbate regional plans of the town or it’s quarters and developmental conceptions of each parts of the town’s life,
• decide to lay and cancel local taxes or local duties by special instructions,
• determinate contents of the local taxes or local duties & supports and decide about taking out credit or loan,
• announce citizen’s choosing about the most important tasks of the town’s life and development and call together public meeting of citizens,
• come to an agreement about the regulations,
• approbate agreement s about international cooperation and the town’s membership of an international association by the § 21 par. 1,
• determinate organization of the municipality and determine the mayor’s and the main controller’s payment,
• establish function of the main controller and determine his/her work activities,
• approbate order of the allowances of the town‘s employee elaborated by special directions like other rules (order of the sitting and similar.),
• establish, cancel and control budgetary and supportive organizations of the town and by the mayor’s suggestion appoint and depose theirs managers (directors), establish & abolish business associations and other artificial persons and approve of the town‘s representatives to their statutory and control organs, approve of town’s assets in business associations,
• approbate co-operation the town’s instruments and activities, participate in associations like institutions of common regional or privacy foundation,
• establish and abolish organs requiring for the town’s self-government and define content of their activities,
• make an award of Honorary Freeman of the town, honors and awards of the town,
• define the town’s armorial bearings, maintain town’s flag and seal, maybe the march of the town .

Discussions of the Municipal Corporation are public on principle. The Municipal Corporation claim that the conferences are not public if the discussion’s subjects are information or matters protected by special law (for example: business code, bank act, law of managing taxes and duties, about changes of the system of regional financial organs, personal data protection act).The MC in case of citizen‘s request to have the floor on the sitting of the MC make decision on a division.



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