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Kráľovský Chlmec EN

Town Police

General duties, tasks and competence of the Town Police
The Town Police of Kráľovský Chlmec is police authority established by the statutory of 564/1991 of the criminal code about local police and first of all bound to do under this act:

• insure public order on the town’s territory and cooperate at the protection of the citizens’s life and health,
• take care of the protection of the environment on the town’s territory,
• cooperate at the protection of the property of the town and citizens against damage, abuse, appropriation,
• take care of the observing cleanliness, order and hygiene in public places,
• execute decisions of the mayor and the aldermen,
• controlling of the observing generally obligatory edict of the town and the quarters , tariff and collect punishments in the case of breach of the law ( for example the generally obligatory edicts like cleaning the pavements, cleaning away the snow in winter, illegal garbage-heaps, order of the market, activities in public places, save the green belt, motor-vehicle’s parking on the pavements, wrecks, duties of the dog-owners , advertising fee, not allowed parking on marked places, alcohol-drinking in public places, regime of walking zone, etc. )

Furthermore The Town Police tariff and collect punishments by course of law no. 372/1990 of the statue-book. It is about:

• contravention against the order of the administration
• contravention against the safe and continuous traffic
• contravention in the road economy sector
• contravention in the business sector
• contravention in the sector of the protection against the alcoholism and other drugs
contravention against the public order
• contravention against the civil coexistence
• contravention against the property
• contravention by the special regulations ( for example some regulation of the business law, rules of the road, civil code, etc. )

Duties of the Town Police by course of law:

• participate in rescue operation in case of natural catastrophe
• inform appropriate state organs ( Police Department, contravention reports of Regional Office, State Veterinary Administration, etc.) contravention against the legal regulations which are ascertained and theirs solutions do not belong to the activities of the town or the quarters
• complete tasks in the course of prevention

Town Policeman is authorized especially:

• warn person to stop his illegal act,
• arrest person caught in the act or just after the illegal act and give in charge him the nearest officer of the law,
• make security checking of the person in detention,
• stop vehicles if driver breaches of the prohibitive road signs,
• demand proof of one’s identity,
• demand explanation and because of it notice the person to appearance at the Town Police. If the person does not appear, the Town policeman could arrest him and if it is necessary, he could employ forces,
• open the flat if the person is in jeopardy, his/her health is in danger or in the case of impending serious property damages,
- arrest the object if it is a reasonable suspicion that in the act of contravention could be pronounced the taking away of it, or it could be confiscated or could related to an illegal act or it is about wanted object.

Town Policeman at the fulfillment his obligation is bound to employ forces by legal process:

• grips and kicks in self-defense
• chemical sprays carrier
• baton
• handcuffs
• regulation dog
• technical appliance to hidrance taking the road by motor-vehicle

Vocational appropriateness and vocational training of town policeman
Town Police member can complete tasks of the Town Police only if she/he has high-school graduation and has vocational appropriateness. His/her vocational appropriateness shows by passing the exam in front of the vocational commission of the police after accomplishing the vocational training. Details of the long and content of the vocational training of the Town Policeman and regulations of vocational commissions orders edicts of SR by no. 460/2000. ( Edicts of the National Council of the Slovak Republic no. 564/1991 coll. of local police by course of law by the NC of the SR no. 250/1994 c.j. and by course of law by the NC of the SR no 319/1999 c.j vide Corpus Juris )

Contacts of TP:

Telephone: 00421-56-63 210 64,   159
Fax: 00421-56-63 221 40
Adress: L. Kossutha 99, 077 01 Kráľovský Chlmec 



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